Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, Monday

I thought I'd post about what I love about Mondays!  I only work one Monday every three weeks. Ta Dah!
Now that I am back in a 3 day a week position, instead of a Monday - Friday position, I have almost every Monday off!  Sometimes it is because I work weekends, sometimes, because it falls on my 6 (yes, six) days off in a row.  This month out of 5 Mondays I only work 2 of them.  YAY!  I don't really even mind the Mondays that I do work because I only work 2 days in a row, then have 3 days off.  Not only that, I work with the greatest co-workers, EVER!  (Except for the one that just yelled at me!  haha, j/k, she is great too!)  Hah, so there!  Is there anything you like or hate about Mondays?


BeaderBubbe said...

I am so to you keep track of the days you are off and the days you work? I would need a giant calendar....but having Mondays off would be well worth it...because...I hate Mondays....can never get myself started and by the time I's Monday again....:) Those weekends go way too fast...I do like Mondays when there is a holiday that falls on them....I shouldnt complain...I work in a school, so I get the whole summer off...every Monday in July and August....

Our Crazy Bunch said...

I LOVE Monday's. It means the kiddos are going back to school. :) I know I am THAT mom! :)

Monica said...

I don't mind Mondays, means everythings back to a routine after an unstructured week-end.
Stopping by from Not So Moody Monday blog hop and I'm now following on GFC. If you get a chance, come on over to visit me at my blog.

Self Sagacity said...

sounds like a great schedule. wish I can work like that. :-)

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