Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday

To my own lil Pumpkin, Chris!
I know, he's 26, and doesn't appreciate being called my lil Pumpkin, at least not publicly.

I love you son, more than you will ever know.
Actually, maybe you do know, since you have those two precious boys!
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grandbaby boys & Blue Heron

Yesterday, we (Mayumi, Masa, Shin & I) went to see my Mom.
We noticed a beautiful blue heron on her dock.  The heron is to the right, the fake one on the left.

And here is the proud 'Ma' with Shin:
And pictures of Shin and Masa:

Masa was not studying me, he was watching Elmo.
Don't come between the boy and Elmo!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


What our house has been filled with this weekend!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is here

Actually, according to the calendar, it has been here since September 21.
In South Georgia though, it does not begin to show it's true colors until much later in the year.
Say, late November, early December and sometimes later than that.
Our temperatures are getting cooler, 75 degrees in the mid afternoon, which I know, by some standards that is
positively sweltering.  If it was not for the rain that we've had the past few days
it would be in the high 80's by now.  It has even dipped into the 40's in the early morning!
I know, right?
Here are some pictures of our confused trees and plants.
The first changed leaves of the fall.

My roses are still blooming and my camellia bush thinks it's much colder than it is.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Friday, October 7, 2011


For those of you who do not know, I LOVE football.
Mostly, I love the SEC and LSU Tigers.
Yes, I'm a Georgia girl, and I know it's like heresy here to be anything other than a 
Georgia, GA Tech, FSU or FL Gator fan.
I throw the FL teams in because we are practically on the FL border.
But I am an LSU fan.
You might could have told from the wreath I made for my front door.

 Or this wreath that I made for my sister in law, who does live in Louisiana
Today, I got around to showing my team spirit elsewhere in the yard.
My garden flag and mailbox cover.

Alas, on this last trip to Louisiana we did not take the time to stop on the way home in Baton Rouge so that I could find a replacement for my blow up Mike the Tiger.
Oh well, another trip....or I could order it online.  HMMMMM


Wholesale Costume Club Review

Can you believe that it's October already?  Where has this year gone to?
  is just around the corner!
If you are looking for a great selection of costumes for Halloween at a great price, then you need to check out
They have great costumes at excellent prices.
The best part is that you have the option to join the club for a nominal $5.00 a year fee.
This fee is not automatically renewed at the end of each year, which I really like.
Also, depending on the costume you purchase, you could earn your $5.00 back with your very first order.
The shipping costs are very reasonable, $4.99 for standard US ground and $6.99 for expedited US ground.
The shipping is the same amount no matter the size of your order and they offer same day shipping for orders placed before 3pm EST. 
carries a wide range of sizes from infant to adult, and they also carry up to size 4X for men and women.
Hello Kitty is always a popular costume with girls and isn't this costume adorable?
If you order this costume and choose to join the club, you would save $4.00.
 There really are tons more to choose from, and even at this late date they are still in stock.

As for boys, they have all the super hero costumes.  Right now I know The Green Lantern and Captain America are big for boys.  They have different options for either of these super heroes.
Check out this Captain America
I received this adorable Pretty Witch Child 
costume to review.
I received it within 4 days, which was fast considering I was expecting it in 7 to 10 days!
I chose this costume for my granddaughter Rosie who is 7.
I ordered a medium and it looked large for her.
Now Rosie is petite in height, ok, let's face it, she is short!  She got my genes for height, poor child.
The costume fit her except for the length, it was too long for her, so if your child is short for her age, then count on having to hem it. The costumes run true to size otherwise.
Here is what the costume looked like straight out of the box:
 Here are some of the details up close.
The spiders on the black overlay of the skirt:
 The bodice:

 The costume laid out:
 The construction of the costume was done well.  It will hold up for Halloween and afterwards for dress up play.  The photo from the website is a true representation of what the costume will look like when you receive it. Your child will be very happy with their costume. 
 I definitely recommend Wholesale Costume Club
and am planning on ordering several more costumes for my other grandchildren and maybe even myself.

*I was provided this above product for review. I was not asked for a good review just an honest one. All opinions are 100% mine.