Monday, May 16, 2011

Bathroom Remodel

We are remodeling our master bathroom.  I am both excited and anxious.
Excited because it has taken about 5 years to get to this point, anyone who knows my husband knows he analyses everything to death.  Then I hear, 'if I'd have known how much I'd enjoy this (insert subject here, ex. pool, sunroom, screen porch) we'd have done this sooner'.  With the pool it not only was have done it sooner, but put an in ground pool in instead of the above ground pool.

Anxious because I want it to go just right, not regret any of the choices we've made, and dreading my house being taken over by workmen and the mess.

Here is the bathroom now:

 First I am going to repaint it Valspar Seaside Retreat color SR1008, Under the Sea:
I know it is similar, but a toned down version.

This will be the new vanity and cabinet, I know, I'm downsizing, but this way I get the cabinet and will actually have more storage.
 Close up of the granite top:

We are replacing the tub/shower with a shower only, mainly because neither of us take baths mainly showers and we do have another bathroom in the house with a bathtub in it.  I don't know why they display stuff over your head so you can't really check it out very well.
We are going with a nickel finish on the fixtures and knobs for the cabinetry.  The faucet I like:
The other part to this is to paint a chiffrobe that I have in the bathroom to this color:

Isn't that a gorgeous pale yellow?

We are putting glass tile above the shower:

Ha, there you can see the actual color for the bathroom!
Also, we are putting in porcelain tile on the floor, and with this we are including our other bathroom.
The bottom of the walls will have bead board and a chair rail to top it.  Now, my question is this....Should we paint the bead board white or an ivory color?

I can not believe the hubby has actually committed to it
Too late to back out now as I went and ordered the vanity and cabinet today and it's paid for in full!

Have you ever undergone home renovation?
Tell me about it....
It's been 10 years since we added on the sunroom and screened porch, yep, definitely both excited and anxious.


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