Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wal Mart Theme Song?

This post in no way is meant to make fun of Wal-Mart.
Just some of the people who shop there.
I mean, after all, Wal-Mart helps put the bread and butter on our table.
And by all means, shop there 'til you drop, since you are contributing to our retirement funds.
But you all have seen this website People of Walmart
Now this guy has put lyrics and music to some of the photos.
My Mom sent me this in an email,
and since I found it hilarious, thought I'd pass it along.

Happy Hump Day!

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

My son has been stationed at the AFB at home.
I'm excited to have him and his girls this close!
Here are some moving in pictures of him and his best friend moving a sectional into his apartment.
I took these from his 2nd floor balcony.
The long walk begins from the parking area:
In front of his apartment:
And up the stairs:
It was hot and they were hassling.  Poor William was really miserable, since he has a summer cold too.
They still had the queen size sofa sleeper part to go.
Afterwards, we went to a much deserved, dinner at Cheddars.
I told Jessica that was her and William's wedding present.  But it was a joke, not sure if she believed me or not.  LOL

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday


It’s time for
**This blog hop requires you to participate in answering the questions and posting them on your blog. If you do not answer the questions, but link up you will be deleted** Thanks!!
What you do with this is you take the 6 questions from the post on Tuesday (the questions will be different every Tuesday), post them and answer them on your blog, then come back to link up your post! Then you can go check out the other blogs and LEARN SOMETHING NEW about them!
This Weeks Questions
1. What is your favorite breakfast food?  French Toast
2. Do you do any fun crafts?  I play at crafts, but am not typically a crafty, creative person.
3. Do you care if the toilet paper goes over or under? No, not really, as long as it is in the holder.
4. If you have to name your daughter after a state, which one would it be?  Easy, Georgia.
5. Do you have a touch, full out keyboard, or flip phone? My phone is a touch screen, but also slides open to a full out QWERTY keyboard. 
6. If you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself  Yes, I like myself.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap

For a good many of us on the east coast the weekend was consumed by
concern for the impact Hurricane Irene may have held.
Luckily, I am somewhat inland from the coast, but we still get bombarded with the tropical storm weather
when a hurricane comes in on the GA or NE FL coast from the Atlantic or comes in on the FL coast from the Gulf.  

Today I am linking up with Follow Us Monday Morning blog hop 
from  Being Frugal and Making it Work and Frugality Is Free. Check out their blogs and link up with the hop every Monday!  Also check out all the other Monday hops listed in my left side bar.
Question of the Week:  Were you and your family affected by Hurricane Irene in any way?
This time we did not get any rain from the Hurricane, but my daughter who lives NW of Boston, did have some brief power outages and a good bit of rain and wind from it.

Since I am off most Fridays and the hubby is home for his first full day off, our weekend starts on Friday.  We got up at 5 a.m., (yeah, I know) to see Ashley and Stephen off to KY. While up this early I spied this gorgeous scene to the East of us.
The sun rising and the moon still brilliantly visible.  
Not long after I took this the sun was up enough that you could no longer see the moon.
This past Friday was our wedding anniversary, and you can so tell that we have been married a while.  Instead of doing anything really special, we spent the morning going to the Doctor's office so he could get some lab work drawn and then on to breakfast at IHOP, and a trip to WalMart. We came home and spent some time in the pool with the grandbaby girls, the daughters of my son Michael.

Later that evening we went out to eat at a semi-local steak house, 

photo credit can be found on their Facebook page.
The food and service was excellent as always and the sunset looked just about like this when we got there.
Saturday I did not have anything on my plate, so I just lazed around, got in the pool for about an hour and a half and as you can tell from the picture above, I have fair skin and will burn, but luckily I have learned to use 
sunscreen. I look most of the time like I've been in the sun, but am not burnt.  If all my freckles would just connect I'd have a heck of a tan though!
The hubby, however, had a big day ahead of him.  He decided to buy a tractor.  Yes, a bonafide tractor.
Why you ask? 

(Michael (left) & William (right) at William's wedding a week ago.)
Because as my son and his friend, above,
speculate, 'it must be some kind of redneck one upmanship.'  
Yep, that's a mouthful, and he just laughs about it. The 'official' reason for the tractor is so that he can use it at the farm
which he currently only mows a small part of with this
and to use on the hunting club.  But know this, all of his hunting club buddies have tractors, and have had for several years, just sayin'.  Here he is with his tractor.

Finally after an all day ordeal of going to get said tractor he did come home and fix us a wonderful meal of venison cube steak, limas and mashed potatoes.  Well, really it was a collaborative effort, we all three worked on different aspects of dinner, Kenneth, Michael and myself.
Sunday was once again spent lazing around, getting in the pool with the grandbaby girls and Michael for another hour and a half, and of course, True Blood at 9pm. 
Meanwhile, prior to TB, we had brenner for dinner.  A new word/slang to me, Michael my trained chef,  explained that it is breakfast for dinner.
Homemade (from scratch) blueberry pancakes (with blueberries grown on said farm), bacon and fried eggs.  Yum!  I haven't had that in ages, for any meal.
So enough about my weekend.  Hope yours was spectacular and Hurricane Irene free.  If not, at least safe and sound from Irene!
Have a great week~

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Stealing

The August 20 Question Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser.
1. What's for breakfast? 

2. Do you read a newspaper daily?
No, I used to, but not anymore.  I read it when I'm at work and someone leaves their copy lying around.  Of, course I only work 3 days a week.

3. What do you do when you can't sleep?
Get up and read, watch tv or blog.

4. Say a word that sums up your mood.

5. Do you remember your dreams?
Sometimes I do, and when that happens I try to write it down if it is a particularly interesting or strange dream.

6. Name something from your dream last night.
I did not have a dream last night, not that I remember anyway.

7. Name a food that describes you.
Human?  I guess if you are a cannibal. I hear we taste like chicken. :)

8. Today you are wearing:
A sundress.

9. What's in your pockets?
No pockets

10. Did you sing in the shower today?
No, not just today but any day, I'm not much of a singing in the shower kind of person.

11. What's the last song you heard?

12. Looking forward to the holidays?
Yes, specially Halloween and Thanksgiving.

13. Where do you want to be this instant?

14. What's for lunch?
Lil smokies in Crescent rolls.  AKA baby pigs in a blanket.  They were a hit with the granddaughters.

15. What's something you would like to do soon?
Travel, retire, travel.

16. Reading anything now? What is it?
Folly Beach, A Lowcountry Tale

17. What's for dinner?
Brenner:  blueberry pancakes, fried eggs and bacon.

18. A favorite part of the day is:
Early in the morning or late at night when it is quiet around the house.

19. Are you happy?
Yes, for the moment and yes, in life in general.  I think I'm a happy person most of the time.

20. Guess how many people will do Sunday Stealing this weekend?

Thank you for playing this week on Sunday Stealing!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

To my lovely daughter over @ Our Crazy Bunch

For her birthday this year, she is getting to deal with 
Hurricane Irene

Here are some photos of her.

I love you, my sweet baby girl.
And yes, you will always be my baby girl.

Friday, August 26, 2011

fill in the blank friday.

It's Friday!!!

As I say every week it's my most favorite day of the week.  The possibilities that Fridays hold are endless.  The weekend just seems so flled with potential and possibilities.  I heart Fridays.  And I also heart that you guys come here and join me for "fill in the blank fridays".  Thanks guys.  You make me happy.  Let's blank it up!

1.   One of life's most simple pleasures is  grandchildren.

2.  Dealing with idiotic people makes me want to punch someone.

3.  I like my bathroom  because, we just re=did it and it turned out exactly how I wanted.

4.  Supercalifrajilistic is a funny word.

5.  If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be  my Neutrogena moisturizer.

6.  I'm happy that   I have nothing on my agenda for tomorrow.

7.  I would never   bungee jump,  or go skydiving.

Happy Anniversary

To the hubby and myself!
Today has been our 16th wedding anniversary.
And now
Thanks for 16 wonderful years.
I love you more with every day that goes by.


I love to blog hop, it's a great way to find new, interesting blogs!
I try to follow co-hosts, other blogs that look interesting, and featured blogs.
TRY being the operative word here this morning. 
Blogger is not co-operating so much today.
For those of you who do not have a "follow by GFC" link on your side bar,  & instead just rely on the follow button on the top of the page, (You know, the one that is on top on the left, where on the right it has your info and links to your dashboard, and account.), I have not had much luck following you.
I have clicked that link on at least 2 blog hops for about 4 blogs, TWICE and they are still not showing up in my "Blogs I follow" on my dashboard.  SO, if you do not have the GFC follow in a sidebar, and I left you a comment saying I am a new follower, it's because I thought I was.  
My apologies if you don't show up in my list of "Blogs I follow".
It's WAY too early in the morning for such frustration!
Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I just wonder if this is a tribute to or a 'dis' of Elvis....
Found on the mantle of a fav BBQ restaurant.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fill In The Blanks Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren at The Little Things We Do for my first Fill In The Blanks Friday. 

1.   My idea of pure perfection would be: being able to travel any time, to any place
  that I wanted.

2.    Laughter: makes even the worst days bearable.

3.  If it weren't for: having to work, I'd travel to where ever my kids were and drive them nuts for months at a time.

4.  Bloggers are: Interesting, creative, smart and inspirational.

5.  If I had: lots of moolah I'd buy you: some land so we could build our dream house, and you could get some livestock like you are always saying you want.  (For my husband, obviously)

6.  I'm glad it's Friday because: My honey is home, my middle son is home and 3 of the 8 grand babies are here, can you say pool time?

7.  Something I'm excited about is:  having my middle son home, having 3 of my grand babies here, and my youngest son coming home with his family the middle of November.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful Sunset
I saw this on the way home from watching
The Help Tuesday evening.

And I knew that if I made it in time to a particular spot near my house it would be spectacular.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love the Island Life?

Or even just dreaming about it?
First go check out

Not only can you live the island life vicariously through her blog,
you can also win a island themed kitchen towel set!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Learn something New Tuesday!!!!!!!!!

I found a new Blog Hop!

Looks like fun.

No rules other than answer the questions!

Learn something New Tuesday!!!!!!!!!

Hosted by  Katie 
 Jen from What would Jen do
Madeline from 
The Charming Mad Chatter

Please at least follow one of us while joining in!  Although there are no rules other than answering the questions, it would be great to have new followers!  BUT by no means, do you have to follow one or all of us to join in!


**This blog hop requires you to participate in answering the questions and posting them on your blog. If you do not answer the questions, but link up you will be deleted** Thanks!!

1.) Are you looking forward to fall?
2.) What is your favorite fall activity?
3. What is one TV show it seems like everyone watches but you never have?
4. If you had a small farm, what is the first farm animal you'd buy?
5. What's the most pain you have ever been in?
6. What is you favorite thing to do on the weekends?

My Answers: 

1.) Are you looking forward to fall?
Yes, although I love summer and the beach and the pool, by the time fall arrives I am looking forward to the cooler weather, at least in the evenings and at night.

2.) What is your favorite fall activity?
Football, specifically, LSU Tiger football!

3. What is one TV show it seems like everyone watches but you never have?
Not that I never have, but that I just forget it is on: GLEE.  I do enjoy it when I watch it though.

4. If you had a small farm, what is the first farm animal you'd buy?

5. What's the most pain you have ever been in?
Childbirth.  Labor & Delivery.  Yep.  Of course, once that baby is here the pain is gone.

6. What is you favorite thing to do on the weekends?
Spend time with my hubby, and get in the pool in the summer, watch football in the fall, hibernate in the winter, and sit outside and read in the spring!

Happy Birthday (A Day Late)

Happy Birthday
to my sweet
"2" year old

Sorry that your Ma is a doofus!
But she is your doofus, and I love you very much!

For those of you that have commented and followed my blog from the hops today and the weekend.
I promise you that by Wednesday I will be totally caught up in visiting and following back!
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Sunday Stealing: The 31 Meme, Part Two

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing,  Cheers to all of us thieves!

16. What's the longest shift that you worked at a job?
I have done several double shifts, so 16 hours.

17. What was the last concert that you attended?
King George (Strait) with Reba and LeeAnn Womack

18. What the last DVD (or Blu Ray, of course) movie that you watched?

19. How did you like the film?
It was ok, but not nearly as good as the original with Dudley Moore

20. What comedian do you love?
Adam Sandler

21. Do you ever sleep in the nude?

22. Have you ever had a long distance relationship?
Yes, a long time ago.

23. What do you think of astrology?
Not much.

24. What's you're favorite lyric quote from a song?
Don't have one.

25. Tell us something random about yourself.
When I lost weight my shoe size got smaller by one size.  (You did say random)

26. Have ever attended a theme party? If yes, do tell.
Of course, toga party, way back when in college my major was parties and boys.  It was a fraternity party, natch.

27. What is your favorite thing about winter?
Occasionally getting snow in the deep south.

28. What was the name of your first pet?
Red, she was an Irish Setter.  (At least, that is the first one I remember)

29. What have you done so far this weekend?
Got in the pool, look for a runaway Yorkie, and traveled to and back from the nearest International Airport. 2 hours each way.

30. Has your humor ever been called “sick”?
Nooooo, I wouldn't tell a story either.  I'm a nurse, of course I have a sick sense of humor at times.

31. If you could have one thing, what would it be?
Just one thing?  Why can't it be more? Does it have to be something for me?  Now I'm confused, Pete keeps talking to me......Quit lying Pete.  (Pete is another story all together.)

Friday, August 12, 2011


At what came in the mail Wednesday!

 That's right, your eyes are not deceiving you!
An IPad 2 and smart cover!
Best of all, I won it on a giveaway from

I am so excited to be the winner out of 58,000 entries!

~Hope everyone has a great Friday~

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picture of the Bear

Just wanted to share with you this picture of the bear that was wandering around town.
If you read my post from Tuesday, Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!
You will totally understand.
Picture credit goes to:
Clinch County News
Have a Great Thursday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

August Sunset from my yard

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting to know you meme from email

Three names I go by:
Three places I have lived:
Saipan, Mariana Islands
Frankfort, Germany
Jacksonville, FL
Three places I've worked:
Wilson Optical
Three places I have been:
Oahu, Hawaii
Tucson, AZ
Cozumel, Mexico
Three people that email me regularly:
Three things I love to eat:
Three things I am looking forward to
Michael coming home
Chris & family coming home
Boston in November

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Ok, not so much lions and tigers.  Unless you count my blow up
Mike the Tiger, the LSU mascot.
BUT, Bears, oh my!
I guess the correct title should be 
Spiders & Snakes & Bears, oh my!
Sunday, in the middle of the town I live in there was apparently a
Black Bear wandering around....
an approximately 140 pound bear.
Here! In. Town.
There are some woods near the grocery store that surround the high school track.
The track that people use to walk or run on for exercise!
Not that I've used them lately (or even in the last 6 years), but people do use the track on a daily basis.
Not to mention that school started back last Friday, and the football team has been using it for
awhile now, during summer practices.
There is a major thoroughfare running through our town north & south, that intersects with another major highway running east & west.
That is important being as the track and grocery are both on the north/south highway.
The bear once cornered and tranquilized, was found to have been hit by a vehicle, I'm thinking maybe by an 18 wheeler.  Now, I'm not downing husband is one.  I'm just thinking that may be
the only thing that could have hit it and possibly thought it was just a deer or a large dog, if they even
realized they hit it.
In fact, it was my husband who found out about the bear and told me last night on the phone.
Yes, I'm on my 6 day off stretch, and don't do a lot of going (usually) anywhere.
But seriously?  He was in FL when he heard about it.
Our granddaughter, Carter is here for the summer to visit her Father's family (AKA the sperm donor), and he is a detective with the Sheriff's Department.  I know she knows about it, and she's been texting me all summer, you'd have thunk she'd of been all over texting this!  But no!
Not only that, there was a big snake in my driveway yesterday, near the trash can.  From what I can tell it was an Oak or King snake and it was spared, mainly because it crawled into the driveway culvert and did not peek out when I was hunting it.  I'm going on the assumption that it is long gone! I hope!  I did take some more trash out today and looked very carefully, but did not see any more snakes.  
Pictures of my town and the approximate area the bear was in are below!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend was filled with activity

This weekend has been filled with loads of activity.
It all started on Thursday afternoon when I went and picked up 
Rosie & Ninja.
Then a trip to WalMart to pick up a few much needed things,
like kid friendly food!
One thing we did not have was Ninja's blanket, I wasn't sure that he was gonna make it through the night, but he broken heartedly went to bed on his own and fell asleep.
Around 3 a.m., he came and woke me up, so we went potty, then he wanted to get in the bed with his Ma and Papa.  Well, let me tell you, I ended up with about 6" of a king size bed between Papa, Kujo, & Ninja.
It reminded me a little of when the boys were little, they could be dead asleep, but when they heard the tv turn off in the living room, they made a bee line for our bed.
Friday morning I promised Ninja we would go and let him pick out a new blanket after the movie.
Friday we got in the pool pretty early,
for a couple of hours.
Rosie and Ninja do not burn, they tan, with very little encouragement, but we did lather on the sunblock.
As did I and the hubby.  I will burn and not turn brown, hubby burns but is dark by the next day!
Then inside for some lunch.
I also got to talk to my baby boy in Okinawa with his two baby boys.
This picture was taken off Skype.
Not bad, huh?
They were having a typhoon there, which Chris showed me outside the window the crazy rain and wind that they were getting right then.
It got worse and they eventually lost their power, but it's all good, they made it through the typhoon.
I heard from him on Sunday night that the typhoon had passed on over.
Back to Friday, we got to town and went ahead and bought the movie tickets, then took them to 
Texas Roadhouse to eat. 
Ninja came up with a plan, because Papa had promised both of them a toy if they behaved.
Ninja's plan was to just drop Ma and Rosie off at the movies and he and Papa would go on shopping and pick us up after the movie.
When that didn't pan out he wanted to pout, but it worked out ok, as he soon forgot about his plan and got interested in the movie.  
We took them to see Smurfs 3D.
It's definitely a kids movie, but it was cute.
I'm not sure if I ever knew why there was only one girl, Smurfette, but it explained that in the movie, although it did not explain how Papa Smurf had all those other Smurf boys, since there is no Mama Smurf.  I guess through his magic! 
Saturday we went outside while the kiddos were eating breakfast and put the Wedding Cake steps into the pool and got rid of the ladder we had.
Once that was done it was back in the pool for another couple of hours.
Then their Granny Mary came and got them later that afternoon.
Let me tell ya, not having little ones around all the time will wear you out!
Saturday evening I got to talk to my Michael who is in Korea.
He'll be coming home next Saturday and his new assignment is the AFB from my hometown!  About 45 minutes away!  I'm so excited!  We'll be seeing more of him and his two sweet little girls.
Then hubby and I finally watched Country Strong, which was a surprisingly good movie.
Poor hubby had to go to work Sunday, maybe he'll have some rest when he shuts down at night.
I took my Mom to Jacksonville to pick up my Aunt who is visiting from Texas for a week.
Today there is nothing on my schedule except for a quick trip to town, then pool time.
Phew.  Haven't had that busy a weekend since I was in Boston with Kristen & Joey.
Oh, and speaking of Joey, he completed the 
a 10 to 12 mile trail run, with obstacles and tasks thrown in for good measure!
Check the link out, this is only the second type of race like this that he has run!
Trust me when I say that I have terribly over simplified the run!
Have a great Monday, y'all!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The Nasty 31 Meme, Part One

Sunday Stealing: The Nasty 31 Meme, Part One

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. What has been your longest love relationship?  With my husband, 16 years and counting.

2. What was the last gift that you received? It's silly, but one of those Cow Tail's candies.

3. What do you spend your extra cash on? Either the house or the grandkids.

4. If you could live anywhere would you live? Yes, I'd live.  BUT, if you are asking where, it's be on a beach somewhere.

5. Who's your cell provider?  Verizon

6. What's your favorite mall store?  Victoria's Secret

7. What's the longest job that you've had? (No parenting does not count!) Nursing, been doing that for 17 years now.

8. If you won the lottery, who'd you call first? My husband.

9. If you won, how would you spend your money after investments? Traveling

10. When was the last time you went to church (or a religious house)? Over two years ago.

11. What's the biggest lie that you've heard? The biggest?  That one stumps me.  Probably, I didn't do it.  Not going there with explanation, but it wasn't from family.

12. When you go out with your friends, where do you go? Movies and/or out to eat.

13. When was the last time that you cried? Wednesday night finishing Mockingjay, the 3rd book in The Hunger Games series.

14. What food do you hate? LIVER, any organ meat really.

15. What do you like best about yourself? My eyes and my boobs.

Thank you for playing this week on Sunday Stealing!

Friday, August 5, 2011


So this is how we've spent our morning:
Our agenda for this afternoon is a movie, school clothes shopping,
and if time permits, more pool!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rosie, Ninja and Smurfs

Today I'm going to get Rosie and Ninja from their Granny Mary's house.
You may recall if you follow Kristen @ Our Crazy Bunch that 
they are here for part of the summer, well, mainly with Mary & Joe.
But I work, full time.  Otherwise, I'd get them about half the time and split the airline cost.
It just happens that I do have my 6 day stretch off beginning today while they are here.
I have big plans for them, which I KNOW, with a 4 and 6 year old to roll with the flow, temper tantrums, etc.
Hopefully, we can spend some time in the pool.
Then I plan on taking them to see 
On Friday.  I wasn't planning on telling them, just surprising them, but as I was just checking to make sure that
there still were matinee times, I saw that the 3D version and the regular version
were at different times.  Like an hour apart.  So I guess they'll find out that we are going and I'll give them the choice of 3D or not.
Yes, I know, the beginning of August and I'm not sure if there are matinee times still during the week.
WHY?  Because school started this week for kids that live here.
I mean some counties started on Aug 1st!  
This is super crazy I think, but hey, who am I?
Certainly not anyone that has any influence over the public education for the state of Georgia!

I finished Mockingjay last night.
I was bawling by the end of it.
Yet, I am satisfied with the end as well.
Now I need suggestions.  I have several books, summer reads really, on my wish list at Amazon, 
just waiting on purchase for my Kindle, but none of them were just 
jumping out at me.
ANY suggestions on a great read this summer?

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

If you read my previous post, you'll get this:

See the circles under my eyes, tired because I can't put the books down!
I know, not the most flattering picture, but hey, I'm hooked on books!
Ok, I'm not gonna make a lame joke about the rhyme, but you know it's there just wanting to come out!
Happy Wednesday!

Where I've Been

I know that I have been MIA more than I have been blogging.
I'm blaming it on my daughter, Kristen @ Our Crazy Bunch
You see, just as I was winding down all these book series I had been reading, she got me started on another.
 Which is all I've been doing in my spare time pretty much.
I have to say, just reading the teaser about The Hunger Games did not whet my appetite for reading them.
But, Kristen has not disappointed me with her recommendations yet.
Here are the other series she got me to read:
Yes, I'm a Twilight geek.  I love them and am so grateful that after the first movie, the budget improved and it became more believable, instead of just cheesy!  
 She also got me to read this series:
The House Of Night series
I am looking forward to see what happens in the next book!
This was another series I had picked up in a bookstore and read the jacket description and it did not appeal to me initially. Once again, she was right!
Then this much more adult series:
Vampire love stories for mature audiences.
But between Twilight and The Black Dagger Brotherhood, 
I (on my own) started reading these:
I tell you, I was an Eric fan, then I wasn't, then I was so a Quinn fan, but now back to Eric, but have been pretty much done with Bill since he disappeared leaving Sookie to deal with all the fall out.  I do watch True Blood, and like it, but know that it only follows the books very loosely.
So to get back on track.....
a friend at work got me interested in this series:
which is supernatural, but does not have Vampires as the MAIN focus!
So, thinking I really wouldn't like The Hunger Games books, I finished all the available books in all of these series, then even read a great summer beach book.
So without any further new reading material, I started The Hunger Games. One afternoon this weekend, I believe I even told Kristen, it's not got my full attention yet.
She asked where I was in the book...just after the reaping, I told her.  Keep reading she says to me, it's about to.  So now, I am reading the last book: Mockingjay. 
At this very minute I am dying to get back into the book.
So, just know that, sometimes, I am in a world of imagination, and just can not tear myself away to come back to reality and blog!
Oh, BTW, I got her interested in The Help.
Who out there is excited this movie is opening soon?

Photo's all found on Google Images

Author websites in order of mention:

Maybe you will find something to interest your imagination in my list,
Happy Reading!
Now, I have a book calling my name.....