Saturday, October 30, 2010

Edible Spiders

So, I knew the grandkids were coming this weekend and since it is Halloween weekend I was looking for something different to make for them.  I went to my one of my favorite recipe sites and found two recipes that sounded interesting.  Edible Spiders and Chocolate Mice.  We never got to the mice.  I decided that we would make the Edible Spiders and voluntold Kristen to be my sous chef. haha  Here is what the spiders are supposed to look like:

They sounded simple enough.  Melt some chocolate chips with butter, stick some chow mein noodles into some marshmallows and drizzle the marshmallows with the melted chocolate.  How hard can it be?  Suffice it to say, they did not quite work out as planned, but we laughed a lot and the kids enjoyed the weird chocolate mixture by itself.  Here is what our (in progress) spiders looked like:

The chocolate mixture was never thin enough to cover them.  Maybe it would have worked better with the chocolate with paraffin in it and we could have dipped the marshmallows.  Oh, the life in the Barton kitchen is never dull when experimentation goes on!  We decided maybe if we put them in the oven at a low temperature the chocolate would go ahead and melt.  You guessed it, nope!  Here is the result of that:

Yep, it was the marshmallows that puffed up, but the chocolate didn't really change. LOL  We were scared to attempt the mice.....besides, the corn maze was waiting.

Corn Maze

Yesterday, my daughter, Kristen and her four children, came to spend Halloween weekend in Georgia.  So we were looking for something to do Friday night and I heard my co-workers with school age children talking about a field trip the kids were taking to a corn maze in Hahira.  (Hahira is a small town in Lowndes County, GA about an hour west of us, and where my Mom grew up.)  So I googled it and found out all about and we headed to the maze around 6.  So it's getting dark here about 7:15 here now and we got there just before full dark.
We go into the maze and luckily the people at the CornFusing Maze have flashlights available to use.  So my poor husband has to carry The Hulk on the hour+ we spent in the maze.  Some of the time I led, some of the time Tall Girl Carter and Princess Rosie led.  Well one time Tall Girl gets ahead of us and meaning to scare her Mama, scared the pee out of both of us.  Well, not literally, but almost.  We had to stop for five minutes at least until we could quit laughing.  So Tall Girl thinks this is a great thing and decides to try to scare us again, which we were on the lookout for, but these two teenaged girls got between us and Tall Girl and she jumps out and scares them.  Haha  They got her back in the corn kernal silo, seen behind them in the picture above.  Yes, corn kernals that are dried and hard!  That was a fun time and the great thing about this maze is that they donate $1 for every student that visits, plus $1 for every one that student brings to Lowndes and Valdosta Schools. Here are a couple more pics from the CornFusing Maze visit.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello Blog World...

Starting up a blog to talk all about my children, grandchildren and the hubby. Hope you enjoy my random posts!