Friday, February 11, 2011

Michael, Girlies and Concert

Soooo, two of the things I was looking forward to have come and gone.  Michael was home for a week before he went to get his girls so we had some good Mom and son bonding time.  He and the girls arrived back home on a Saturday night so that Kenneth would be able to see them before he went to work.

During their 10 days here, We took them to see Tangled at the theatre:
and although their Mom said they had already seen it, they acted like it was their first time!  For a 3 and 4 year old, I was impressed with how well the movie held their attention. It didn't hurt that we had the theatre all to ourselves.
The day before they left we made Valentine's Day cookies, since they were not able to be here to make Christmas cookies with us.

And during their visit was the concert! It worked out well for all of us, since Mike and the girls had a chance to visit with his Dad's family the day of the concert!  George Strait, Reba, and Leeann Womack were awesome!  Here are a few pics of that:

Look, Kristen, I think Leeann has a bumpit in her hair! LOL
Sorry, private joke.
Now we have the cruise to get ready for, and look forward to!  SO excited about that!  Sailing on this ship:
With my hubby's sister and brother in law, and two of their cousins and spouses.  We all had such a blast last May in New Orleans that we are really looking forward to this trip! 

We actually attended a wedding, as well as, hang out in the French Quarter.  Hopefully, none of us will get arrested in Mexico!  I'll let you know how that trip turns out soon!
That's all for now!