Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where I've Been

I know that I have been MIA more than I have been blogging.
I'm blaming it on my daughter, Kristen @ Our Crazy Bunch
You see, just as I was winding down all these book series I had been reading, she got me started on another.
 Which is all I've been doing in my spare time pretty much.
I have to say, just reading the teaser about The Hunger Games did not whet my appetite for reading them.
But, Kristen has not disappointed me with her recommendations yet.
Here are the other series she got me to read:
Yes, I'm a Twilight geek.  I love them and am so grateful that after the first movie, the budget improved and it became more believable, instead of just cheesy!  
 She also got me to read this series:
The House Of Night series
I am looking forward to see what happens in the next book!
This was another series I had picked up in a bookstore and read the jacket description and it did not appeal to me initially. Once again, she was right!
Then this much more adult series:
Vampire love stories for mature audiences.
But between Twilight and The Black Dagger Brotherhood, 
I (on my own) started reading these:
I tell you, I was an Eric fan, then I wasn't, then I was so a Quinn fan, but now back to Eric, but have been pretty much done with Bill since he disappeared leaving Sookie to deal with all the fall out.  I do watch True Blood, and like it, but know that it only follows the books very loosely.
So to get back on track.....
a friend at work got me interested in this series:
which is supernatural, but does not have Vampires as the MAIN focus!
So, thinking I really wouldn't like The Hunger Games books, I finished all the available books in all of these series, then even read a great summer beach book.
So without any further new reading material, I started The Hunger Games. One afternoon this weekend, I believe I even told Kristen, it's not got my full attention yet.
She asked where I was in the book...just after the reaping, I told her.  Keep reading she says to me, it's about to.  So now, I am reading the last book: Mockingjay. 
At this very minute I am dying to get back into the book.
So, just know that, sometimes, I am in a world of imagination, and just can not tear myself away to come back to reality and blog!
Oh, BTW, I got her interested in The Help.
Who out there is excited this movie is opening soon?

Photo's all found on Google Images

Author websites in order of mention:

Maybe you will find something to interest your imagination in my list,
Happy Reading!
Now, I have a book calling my name.....


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