Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend was filled with activity

This weekend has been filled with loads of activity.
It all started on Thursday afternoon when I went and picked up 
Rosie & Ninja.
Then a trip to WalMart to pick up a few much needed things,
like kid friendly food!
One thing we did not have was Ninja's blanket, I wasn't sure that he was gonna make it through the night, but he broken heartedly went to bed on his own and fell asleep.
Around 3 a.m., he came and woke me up, so we went potty, then he wanted to get in the bed with his Ma and Papa.  Well, let me tell you, I ended up with about 6" of a king size bed between Papa, Kujo, & Ninja.
It reminded me a little of when the boys were little, they could be dead asleep, but when they heard the tv turn off in the living room, they made a bee line for our bed.
Friday morning I promised Ninja we would go and let him pick out a new blanket after the movie.
Friday we got in the pool pretty early,
for a couple of hours.
Rosie and Ninja do not burn, they tan, with very little encouragement, but we did lather on the sunblock.
As did I and the hubby.  I will burn and not turn brown, hubby burns but is dark by the next day!
Then inside for some lunch.
I also got to talk to my baby boy in Okinawa with his two baby boys.
This picture was taken off Skype.
Not bad, huh?
They were having a typhoon there, which Chris showed me outside the window the crazy rain and wind that they were getting right then.
It got worse and they eventually lost their power, but it's all good, they made it through the typhoon.
I heard from him on Sunday night that the typhoon had passed on over.
Back to Friday, we got to town and went ahead and bought the movie tickets, then took them to 
Texas Roadhouse to eat. 
Ninja came up with a plan, because Papa had promised both of them a toy if they behaved.
Ninja's plan was to just drop Ma and Rosie off at the movies and he and Papa would go on shopping and pick us up after the movie.
When that didn't pan out he wanted to pout, but it worked out ok, as he soon forgot about his plan and got interested in the movie.  
We took them to see Smurfs 3D.
It's definitely a kids movie, but it was cute.
I'm not sure if I ever knew why there was only one girl, Smurfette, but it explained that in the movie, although it did not explain how Papa Smurf had all those other Smurf boys, since there is no Mama Smurf.  I guess through his magic! 
Saturday we went outside while the kiddos were eating breakfast and put the Wedding Cake steps into the pool and got rid of the ladder we had.
Once that was done it was back in the pool for another couple of hours.
Then their Granny Mary came and got them later that afternoon.
Let me tell ya, not having little ones around all the time will wear you out!
Saturday evening I got to talk to my Michael who is in Korea.
He'll be coming home next Saturday and his new assignment is the AFB from my hometown!  About 45 minutes away!  I'm so excited!  We'll be seeing more of him and his two sweet little girls.
Then hubby and I finally watched Country Strong, which was a surprisingly good movie.
Poor hubby had to go to work Sunday, maybe he'll have some rest when he shuts down at night.
I took my Mom to Jacksonville to pick up my Aunt who is visiting from Texas for a week.
Today there is nothing on my schedule except for a quick trip to town, then pool time.
Phew.  Haven't had that busy a weekend since I was in Boston with Kristen & Joey.
Oh, and speaking of Joey, he completed the 
a 10 to 12 mile trail run, with obstacles and tasks thrown in for good measure!
Check the link out, this is only the second type of race like this that he has run!
Trust me when I say that I have terribly over simplified the run!
Have a great Monday, y'all!


~Kristen~ The DVC Mom said...

Hi! I came over from the Alexa blog hop today. I took a spin around your site! I would love it if you stopped by DVC Mom's Traveler and said hello!

Oriana from Mommyhood's Diary said...

Hello! First time I visit your blog ... I am your newest followers from Blog-Hop! Sounds like you all had lots of fun on the weekend. I hope you get some time to stop by my blog and follow me back through Google Friend Connect.
I look forward to know you better through your blog ... Have great week!

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