Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today is a Terrific Tuesday, the sun is shining, it's warm outside, there are no snakes in the yard,
that I've found at least!
This calls for a post of things that make me smile.
I thought about this while I was on the way home from the Farmer's Market.
It makes me smile to go there and yet, I am nostalgic about it at the same time.
I remember when I was a girl, even as a young adult, the Farmer's Market was just that, where farmer's set up their wares and it was chock full of freshly picked vegetables, fruits and people.
I used to go with my parents and with my Granny.
They even had a pea sheller, so that if you were 'lazy' and wanted to spend good money that you didn't need to, you could get your peas, butter beans, what-have-you, already shelled.
HAHA, I would've spent that money, you hear me?  The only easy shelling peas are zipper peas and possibly purple hulls.  Spoken from experience, ya hear?
Now the Farmer's Market is down to just two produce stores.
Well stocked, mind you, but not the Farmer's Market of my youth.

Also, here is something that always makes me smile.
My granddaughter, "Rosie", had decided that the words to the following song, after the "AYO"
were "Galileo".  
No amount of correcting by myself and her Mom, Kristen
(who blogs HERE )
could convince her of the words otherwise.
Now that I've put that in your mind,
see if you can listen to the song without singing "Galileo"


Sadie said...

LOL Cute :) My daughter learned a dance to this song in summer school so I hear her singing it allll the time.

ATLanta Saving Moms said...

I love him as an artist. I just followed you back from @ Prowling Books In The Lair. I love your blog music. :)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I'll never think of this song the same way again!!

Thanks for joining The Train!

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