Monday, July 18, 2011

I AM WOMAN....hear me ROAR (whimper)

OK, so it was more of a whimper.  An inside of myself whimper, shaking like a leaf whimper.
But, and it's a big BUT....
I did hold it together this morning when I found the snake in the yard.
The pygmy rattler that Kujo and I almost stepped on!
No, I did not get a picture of the snake.  Actually, I went to where I discarded him to take a picture of his lifeless, limp body, but couldn't find it.
No it was really, truly, good and dead.  Really! 
I wouldn't have picked it up, even with the shovel had it not been dead!
It was about a foot from us when I saw it.  
Right in front of the steps to the pool.
Just laying there, as though it had nothing to do other than sun and give me a freaking near heart attack.
But I digress,
So, Kujo and I gave it a W I D E berth, and went about our merry business
of him sniffing everything in sight and hunting the perfect place to do his business.
Luckily, I had him on the leash this morning for some weird reason.  I don't usually.
Finally, he was ready to go back inside, and his MAMA, (read me) was good and truly freaked out thinking,
"I've got to find that snake" & "If there is one, there are others"
and totally convincing myself that the back yard was one big snake pit.
Once he was back inside, I took off my flip flops, and put on the rain boots.  I know, not much protection
but more than flip flops.
Went back outside to the shed, passing by the last known location of the perp, once again, giving it a 
W I D E berth to get the shovel, hoe or whatever I could find that was handy and did not require me to 
dig around in the shed.  (Again a perfect place for snakes)
When I finally had the shovel, I went back and started looking for the snake, he had not moved!
Then the fight was on,  not much of a fight actually.
My behemoth was only about 18" long.
Nothing like this monster...
Here are pictures from the scene of the crime:
Hope everyone has had a little less excitement than I had for this fine Monday!
BTW, I think I know why I had a snake in the yard, this evening I saw a fat, furry mouse type creature in one of my flowerbeds next to my house!  Seriously, I think it is someone's escaped gerbil!


Dana said...

Glad you didn't step on the nasty thing! I hate snakes!

Debbie said...

Love this - and sorry I'm laughing over your emergency. The crime scene illustrations were great! lol
I'm stopping by (and following) from Fun Tuesday hop. Hope you have a nice, and snake free, day!

Saving By The Sea said...

Following you from Our Family World GFC hop! Hope you'll follow back :), Saving by the Sea on FB and @gracie680 on Twitter!

Sarah Kate said...

We kill ours with shovels too! :o) Our neighbors shoot them, but I'm afraid I'm not a good enough shot yet to land it. I'd probably just make him mad! :o)

Fuller Family said...

Geesh! I would have just had a heart attack and died. And knowing my luck my dog would have tried to protect me and then been bitten and died too. Sigh. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)

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