Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blueberry picking, peach buying farming life....

So today, we went to our family farm.

To pick blueberries, and the picking was easy, but it was sweltering.
First, I had committed to turning on the pump and watering the blueberries, grapes, pear trees and plum trees.
So, I followed the hose to the pump, which looked just like the pump we have for the pool.
Then I, in my infinite reasoning, decided that there must be a toggle switch on said pump to turn it on.
Never mind that it is very snakey, and spidery, and I am wearing rain boots, not because it's wet, but because they might just help protect me from a snake bite slightly better than flip flops.
Oh, back to the story, so I am poking around on the pump for the toggle switch that I can't find anywhere.
At this point I decide to call my husband....
Me:  "How do you turn the pump on?"
Him:  "I don't know."
Then I remembered, I had an email that explained exactly how to turn the pump on.  This, after my fingers had been in all the little spidey places.
You turn it on at the breaker box that I had passed on my way to the pump.  All you do at the pump is turn the water on.


After figuring out the pump problem, we set about picking blueberries.  Let me tell ya, the middle of the day is not the time to pick blueberries in July! It is hot!  We picked from the first bush and then moved to the second, but before we had picked the second good, we were DONE! 
So we headed to lunch, then on to Barney, GA for some peaches at Luck and Moody Peaches.
Then back to the farm to turn off the water.
Finally, to WalMart to pick up some much needed items for the house, even though, neither of us wanted to stop anywhere but home.

So that was my day, all in all a pretty productive day, that will keep me busy, freezing the fruits (literally) of my labor.


Carolyn said...

You can send some of that fabulous fruit this way! ;) *jealous*..but not of the heat!! lol

Would love it if you could link up and "old" recipe on my flash-back-friday linky!

Happy Friday!

Denise G said...

New gfc follower through the blog hop

Diane said...

I am visiting from the hop! I totally know what you mean. We are in extreme heat right now in Arkansas. We have a really big garden and lots of fruit trees. But isn't it grand in the winter time when you have it all canned and frozen to enjoy?

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