Saturday, July 2, 2011

Boston Trip Part 2

So, I forgot to mention in part 1, that Friday night we went to the Burlington Mall.
This is the mall that Paul Blart, Mall Cop was filmed at.
They actually have mall cops on Segway's there.
And, like the crazed tourist I am, I giggled insanely every time I saw one!
Sunday we went to the Boston Commons, Cheers (Where everyone knows your name, AKA the Bull and Finch) and took a trolley tour.

Monday, Kristen and I went to the huge Crate and Barrell in the morning.  That afternoon, Carter and I loaded up our suitcases, and we all went to the waterfront to go to the New England Aquarium, Hard Rock Cafe, Faneuil Hall, and Quincy Market before heading to the airport.

Once more at the airport, we were "thrown out" curbside, and Carter and I said our goodbyes.
Carter for the summer, and I until November if not sooner!

I fell in love with Boston, a city of contrasts, history, and cultures all put in one.
So thanks, USMC for stationing my family members there, and allowing me the opportunity to explore yet another wonderful place, that I might never have made it to.


Lara N. said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! How was the Cheers bar? There's a replica of it in Japan :)

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