Saturday, July 2, 2011

Boston Trip Overview Pt 1

This past week I took a trip up to Boston to see my daughter, Kristen, my son in law Joey and my sweet grandbabies, Carter, Rosie, Ninja and Hulk!
I flew non stop from Jacksonville, FL to Boston on Jet Blue.
I had heard some bad things about Jet Blue, but let me tell you, if I can fly them domestic in the future they are now my airline of choice.  Not only do they have great service, they have extra leg room.  You know that extra leg room that you pay extra for on other airlines?  It is standard on Jet Blue!

~~~Warning:  Picture overload & possible reposting of earlier pics.~~~

I left 100+ degree weather in South Georgia and arrived to 65 degrees and drizzling.  I thought Kristen was kidding me when she said she'd pick me up at the curb, but she wasn't.  It apparently costs an outrageous amount to park at the airport in Boston.
Not cold though, at this point it was actually refreshing!
Here are the first pics I took, like a crazed tourist out of the car window!

One thing that I really liked about Boston was the amount of green space that they have in the city.
Of course I had to take pictures of the grandbabies:
Ninja (aka Bugger):
& Carter:

On Friday Kristen, the kiddos and I went to IKEA. Then we went on a hunt for the Comcast office which took us through a little village and we had lunch at a restaurant called Friendly's.  This is a chain there, but I had not heard of it here. Later that afternoon we went to the Summer Bash on the AFB that they live on.  They had carnival rides for the kids, (and adults):

Saturday we got up at the crack of dawn to go cheer Joey on as he took part in the Warrior Dash.  It is a 3K run/obstacle course.  He came in 18th in his age group.  (I look for him to run the Boston Marathon before they are stationed somewhere else.)  Saturday was wet, windy & cold for this South Georgia girl!  Here are a couple of pics from that day:  Including the first and last of Joey prior to the dash and after.

We were planning on going to Salem, but it didn't work out, so that is a trip for the next visit.
Instead, we went back home, where Joey could get a shower and a short nap.
That afternoon we spent our time in Lexington and Concord, visiting Ralph Waldo Emerson's & Louisa May Alcott's homes, as well as, Sleepy Hollow graveyard and Walden Pond.


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