Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July Fireworks on the Second

The town I grew up in, Lake Park does the Fourth of July in a big way.
This is something that started after I grew up and moved away, many years after.
My Mom still lives there and I guess we started attending the festivities in 2008, after my Dad passed away.
They have a parade, street vendors, music and at dark fireworks.
This is a small town on the south end of the county, in Georgia.
It is about a 45 minute drive from my house to my Mom's house and it has become a tradition to go and spend time with her and go to the fireworks.
Yesterday evening we took hamburgers and hotdogs that my husband grilled at home, chips and drinks over to Mom's.  A couple of our friends, David and Cathy provided the watermelon (that was nicely cold and yummily delicious) and Mom provided the setting.
Here are some pics :
My hubby (Kenneth), Cathy, Mom, and her friend Mildred
 Mom & Mildred
 Cathy, David and Mom
 Cathy, Mildred, Mom and Kenneth
The first picture you will see next is for my granddaughter "Rosie".  Fireworks are hard to capture on film for an amateur photog like myself.  My camera does not always immediately take a picture when I want it to, & you have to time it just right to catch the burst of the fireworks.  I got more pictures of fireworks than of night sky this year then I have in the past, but still I got several like this next pic.  Last year, she was watching me and my cameras digital display and would comment for everyone to know my progress, "Ma got a picture of the sky again" or "Ma got a black picture again".  So here you are Rosie!
I know that she will see this picture because her Mother, my Kristen over at Our Crazy Bunch
will make sure to show her.  Frankly, it amuses their whole family, well, except for maybe Hulk, as he is too little to make fun of his Ma yet.
The best of the fireworks:

This was our Fourth of July celebration, as I work Monday and the hubs left for work this morning.
So, thank you, Lake Park for this wonderful display of fireworks.
I personally think this is the best display in our immediate area, better than even some of the larger towns/cities.
THANK YOU,  the men and women of the military, from the Revolutionary War to the present, that helped to develop our Beloved America, and that help to keep our nation:


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