Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, Monday....and Monday hops

Ok, I won't go any further with those lyrics....
Usually I love Mondays, but not so much today.  Actually it started yesterday with the AC going on the fritz.  This always happens when my hubby is not home.  Last time I suffered for a couple of days in the heat, he comes home, spends one night sweltering and we go buy a window unit to augment the central AC.  Unfortunately our bedroom is not habitable right now, due to the bathroom renovation that is going on.
See all that dust on the floor?  It's all over the bedroom too!  It actually looks a little better at this moment as you can see below, there has been some progress towards putting it back together.
So that is going on, then I have more plum juice to make jelly with, which creates heat in the kitchen.
But isn't it pretty?  I did this last night around 10pm when the temp in the house got somewhat bearable again.
Started out like this:
Then you boil them to make the juice:

Then you can make the jelly that turns out all pretty like this:

The sad thing is, I was so hot and flustered, and had a massive heat headache, that I did not follow the directions exactly, so I'm not sure that it is going to jell.  Good thing I have more juice so I can do another cooking after I run to get some more jars and sure jell. At least there are more plums where those came from.
Right now the AC guy is here and hopefully the house will cool off soon, if he can fix it.  My fear is that we will end up needing a new central air unit, which will cost $$ and we are in the middle of the bathroom redo.  Yay, just found out it was a simple fix and cheaper than a new unit by thousands!  Whew!  Now to run to town and get what I need for jelly making!
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