Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's on Your Mind Wednesday

~Work, specifically how blessed I am to be able to work close to home and have patients that I can get to know as people, not just as a patient.
~My husband who is participating in a regional truck rodeo for the first time.  He placed 2nd in his company distribution center's truck rodeo.  (18 wheeler trucks)  This is the first time that he has placed this high! 
~Going to Louisiana for Easter.
~My children and grandchildren.  Missing them terribly.
~Old friends, (as in known a long time).  Makes me nostalgic.
~One of my good friends that is going through a trying time right now.

~Youth and why it is so fleeting....although I do subscribe to 'you are only as old as you feel'.  Most of the time I feel way younger than I act.  I'm reverting back to celebrating my 39th birthday every year this year, and only because I can't pull off 29 anymore. :)
~How much fun we had at work this past weekend. It is great to work with people that, even though they play on my biggest neurosis (balloons), you laugh so hard you snort.  AND I was not the only snorter either.
~Why it is that even though I don't own any cats there is occasionally a very serious, and loud catfight on my front porch.  Is my house the boxing ring for the neighborhood cats?


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