Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Louisiana Trip

Warning: Picture overload
So this weekend we went to Louisiana,
on the way stopped and ate supper here:
TJ Ribs in Baton Rouge
My favorite restaurant in Louisiana!

Visited with the family and had coffee on the deck:

Watched the nieces and nephew play

Went to Aunt Pete and Uncle Walter's for the annual Easter BBQ, and this is where they do the drawings for the quilts made by the Aunts.  (All of them do the quilting except the one in the blue shirt)
Here are all the quilts they had this year.  They took pity on all of us that had not won in the past, so it was guaranteed  you would get one, the drawing was for who chose first.

Here are some more pictures from our visit:

We paid tribute to Kenneth's Dad
And headed home on Monday.  We have always wanted to stop and try these seafood restaurants that are on Mobile Bay off of Hwy 90, running parallel to I-10 East.  Monday we were able to stop at this restaurant, and we definitely recommend it to anyone traveling I-10.
Felix's Fish Camp
That's all for now. My week is just starting tomorrow, working 3 days, 12 hours shifts in a row.
Have a lovely week blog friends...


Marisa said...

We were just in New Orleans in March for Mardi Gras. I love Louisiana. I live there until I was 10 then we moved to WA, but I've always wanted to move back.

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