Friday, September 9, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened

On the way to the forum....
OK, not really the forum, more like the shower.
I pulled my t-shirt off, forgetting that my glasses were perched up on my head, 
not on my nose where they should be, and pulled the glasses off with my t-shirt.
Yep, onto the floor.
A carpeted floor mind you.
Here is what they looked like when I picked them up.
Oh yeah!
I've been needing new glasses for a while.  Even though they are bifocals, I was having to take them off or
shove them on top of my head to be able to read.  I just kept putting it off. I mean it was so bad that my 
glasses stayed on the desk more than on my face at work.  
My co-workers made fun of me. 
But forget the bifocal part.  My left eye is -4.75!  I know that's horrible. 
Actually, it's better, it used to be -5.25, but I digress.
I can't see to drive.  Well, I could but it would not be safe for anyone really.  I have prescription sunglasses.  But at night, well it'd be bad!
And this happened after 5 yesterday. 
I was freaking, wondering if I would be able to get in to see anyone today.
I had heard about a place in the town near me that will have your glasses ready in an hour and they took our insurance. So I called this morning.  AND they got me in, this morning.  I had just enough time to get dressed and get to the appointment.  Not only that my glasses were ready in two hours!
Sorry about the fuzziness of the pic, don't know if you can tell but my eyes are still way dilated.  Blah.
Hope you have a great weekend!


Delaney said...

I love your movie reference, such a classic! Glad you got some spiffy new lenses!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Glad you got some new ones...I breaf far too many pairs...and am always in a panic

Working Mommy said...

My eyes were -5.5 & -6.0 before I got lasik...look into it - the best money you will EVER spend!!


Leila said...

Cute new glasses!

New follower!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Great new lenses!!
Following from BeeFriendly Friday!

Wacky Ways said...

Visiting from Thirsty Thursdays, Obviously MARvelous- Hope you can return the love. Mom Blog Society is having an Alexa hop this weekend. We sure hope you can join us for the fun.

Simply Sami said...

i know feel you on the glasses.. I took mine off to clean them the other day and they snapped.. Its not been a fun week. My husband fixed them and its a fix until payday.. which is thankfully right around the corner..

Anyway i am following via Networked blogs.


lafemmeroar said...

I once sat on someone's glasses at a dinner party. A mere I'm sorry couldn't fix the situation. She was mad ... but if she was legally blind, then what were her glasses doing on the couch?

Glad you got your new peepers.

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