Monday, November 15, 2010

S-E-X! Why is it TABOO on family blogs?

This is not going to be explicit or X rated, but the seed for this blog was planted by my daughter @ Our Crazy Bunch .  She tells me that she is going to do a review of costumes and she couldn't figure out when she saw this on another bloggers site, why, since it was after Halloween, the company still was looking for reviewers.  I started laughing at her since I figured it out right away.  Yes, readers, bedroom costumes, you know the kind to spice up your sex life.  Anyway, she asks her husband to pick out an outfit.  He says why?  She explains that she is going to review whatever he picks out.  His next comments befuddled me....'You are going to write about it on your blog?  Isn't it a family blog?'
My comment was, hello?, how'd you get to be a "family" blogger without sex?  No subject was taboo when my kids were growing up.  I was the one that the kids came to asking all their questions, and answered them, to the point of, ok Mom, that's enough, I don't want to know anything else. lol  (Not sure if that was the nurse in me or not.)  They know that I am sexually active especially the boys, (when in their teens) who have come through a locked door and walked in on me and their Dad.   I mean, once you start having sex, it is as natural as breathing, and as necessary as breathing.  That is if you enjoy it, and I'm so sorry if you don't.  And I'm not just talking about heterosexual relationships.  So it shouldn't be a hidden away, not talked about subject.  Maybe it is my generation, we came of age during the sexual revolution and the baby boom, just prior to the scourge of HIV/AIDS.  Maybe things have gone back to a more sedate, more prim and proper sexuality.  Maybe that is why the world seems to be gone to hell in a hand basket, or at least partially.  Personally, I plan on having sex until I physically can't anymore and hopefully, that time is no time soon!  Anyway, that's my crazy selfs ramblings on the subject.


Liz said...

Good post, and you're so right- it is NATURAL like breathing!

monique said...

Came over from the welcome wednesday hop, I love this post, it is also how I live my life :)

*Tanyetta* said...

**hello?, how'd you get to be a "family" blogger without sex?**


I love it.

Nancy said...

Becky is Becky and always will be Becky..Love you sista from another mother. Miss you!

Sheliza said...

Awesomeness, love it!

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