Saturday, November 6, 2010


Reflections on 49 things that make me, well ME!  Good and bad.  In no particular order they are:
1.  Kristen Our Crazy Bunch

2.  Michael

3.  Chris

4.  The grandbabies

5.  Kenneth

6. Being adopted, afforded me a much better life.
7. Becoming a nurse.
8. Living on islands in the South Pacific growing up, specifically Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands and Majuro, Marshall Islands.

This is the lighthouse that was our playhouse on Navy Hill in Saipan, of course, with specific instructions to not play in or around the lighthouse! lol
9.  My first lover (and love) who was gentle and patient and introduced me to different aspects of making love one at a time.  Thank you, and I'm really sorry about the whole Mill House thing, still mortified about that!
10.  And while I'm on that subject:  variety is the spice of life.
11.  Learning that too much spice can cause heartburn.
12. Being a DJ, and dear friends that helped me along on that journey.  Still the best job I ever had, kind of wish I'd stayed in it.
13.  Living in Louisiana when Kristen was a baby and meeting Kathy and Tim.
14.  Moving to Germany and not really appreciating it until just before we left.
15.  Jacksonville, FL
16.  Nursing school at VSU.....incredibly hard, great friends, and went by too fast.
17. The laundry basket incident at Eschborn Towers in Germany.  (haha, I think only Mike would know what I'm talking about there)
18.  The whole 2nd marriage thing.  Trust me, don't get married when you've been drinking heavily for a year or so, inebriation will make you think you can't live without someone, that you should so live without.
19.  Taking a commission in the US Army, then resigning said commission.  That is still one of my biggest regrets, but then I wouldn't have met Kenneth....
20. Letting the kids live with their Dad while I was in nursing school and going to go in the military.....
21.  My Mom and Dad.  They have influenced me in ways they don't even know.  As my DH are so like your Dad.
22. Having unresolved issues with my Dad that will never be resolved now.
23. Meeting my birth-family.
24. Not having DNA done when I had the chance.
25. Having pets.  I never thought I'd want an inside dog, but he is our furbaby:

And the best Kitchie Kat ever, RIP Kitchie:

I love this picture because Kitchie looks like he was shooting laser daggers at Kujo.
26.  Knowing that sometimes when you eat your words they are sweet, not bitter.  Famous last words:  "Fine, I'll meet him, but I am not fixin' to move to Homerville."  Still here 15 years later.
27.  Working in administration, and knowing when to go back to "just" being a nurse.  Being a nurse is so much more rewarding.
28.  My bestie,  Nancy.  The sister I never had growing up.
29.  My other dear friends, Melanie, Shelly, Janice, Sandra, Theresa, Janet.  Love yall.
30.  Death, in my line of work, you can't avoid being around it, and sometimes they are friends.  It's hard, but it makes you appreciate life a little more.
31.  Wasting my time and my parents money the first go 'round of college.
32.  Paying my own way through college the second go 'round.
33.  Friends of my children that are our adopted youngin's.  Although they are grown adults now.
34.  Living in Homerville.  Not just Homerville, per se, but living in a small town.  Definitely has it's benefits even if it doesn't have a Wal-Mart.
35.  Having strict discipline growing up.  Yes, once I started becoming independent I totally rebelled, but appreciate it so much now.  You know what they say about Preacher's and Principal's kids.
36.  Growing up in Lake Park.
37.  Working at TG&Y.  
38.  Learning to dance at said job, getting lessons from Linda and Stephanie when we were supposed to be cleaning up after the store closed. lol  I do have rhythm thanks to those two.
39.  Becoming "Ma" at 38, too soon, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. 
40.  Having your trust in someone totally crushed.  There are things worse than a spouse having an affair, and said trust was crushed several years after the divorce.
41.  Learning to forgive, even though you never forget.
42.  Figuring out that life is way beyond high school and the drama that is always a part of your life then.  You don't realize it at the time because you think you are invincible and immortal.  Life comes at you quick after HS, and doesn't slow down.
43.  Loving others more than life itself.  Opens you up for worlds of hurt, but makes you stronger too.
44.  College football, especially the LSU Tigers! lol
45.  Making mistakes, there are life lessons in every mistake you ever make, you just have to be open to them.
46.  Having my mid life crisis at the age of 21.  I would say I was an over achiever with that!  Age hasn't really bothered me since, but we'll see next year with that half a century mark.
47. My Granny.
48.  John, my brother.
49.  Knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I am not perfect, but Jesus forgives me, and will forgive you too, you just have to trust in Him, believe in Him and ask forgiveness for your sins.  John 3:16

I know that there are many other things that have shaped me as a person and many other people that I have not listed here, so here are some of the others that have influenced me:

The Quarterman's 
Paul and Cindy
Evelyn and Paul
Mrs. Dorothy Williams
Mrs. Polly Pollett
Mrs. Ximena Holcombe
Mr. Steve Rampley
Mr. Bill Herring
Mrs. Dorothy Pearlman
Mrs. Gwen Burgman
(The previous has since remarried, but don't know  current last name.)
Daisy, Sandra and Donna
Ann, Beth and Wendy 
Glynn, John and Sea
Susan, Cindy, Steve and Aubrey
Ashley and Steven
Joey, Mayumi, Belle and Suzanne
Karen and Glynn

Thank you all for the positive influence you had/have on my life.


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For everyone that reads this you see how I am number 1 right? hahaha

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Do I need to go highlight the in NO PARTICULAR ORDER? You were listed first because you are the firstborn.....

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