Monday, June 18, 2012

November and December 2011

 Here's What We've Been Up To

So my son that lives in Okinawa officially got out of the USMC, but of course, once a Marine always a Marine.
He moved back for another couple of years to attend college there and work.
Mayumi also works and the sweet boys go to an American preschool/daycare.
They were here through the 14th of November.

Unfortunately, we were not!  We knew they were going to be home sometime, but did not know when, so we planned a trip to Boston to see our daughter, Kristen and her family.  For the month that Chris and his family were home we were gone a week.
We were there for my 50th, oops I mean my 39th. 

Hulk (whose birthday is 11/10) and I celebrated with a Volcano at Rainforest Cafe.
We went to Plimoth Plantation to visit the Wamponoag Homesite and 17th Century English Village, the Mayflower ship and Plymouth Rock.

Came home in time to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday.

Kenneth and Chris took Masa to shoot for the first time, and yes, we do that young in the south!
 Lastly, we celebrated the birth of Christ with Mike and his girlies.
Sorry about the blurry pics coming up, but it is about impossible to keep those girls still!

Isn't he handsome?
Oh, and saw a dog driving!  This actually was at a gas station and the car was sitting still, but if you didn't know that!
Sorry about the picture overload.  The next few posts won't be as bad, I promise.


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