Friday, March 18, 2011


LOL, I've been waiting to use that one!
Let me just say that it involves a controversy over a name.
No I was not crazy about the name chosen, but that was
because I had gotten used to the previous name that I was told, (Mainly).
I stated my case then got over myself.  
I did not assume how other people felt about the name.
I did not "rally" the troops, based on assumptions and cause them to write a scathing email.
I was not called and asked what was said and why.
I was just deleted from their friend list on facebook and written off.
The deleting from facebook actually is funny, because it is not the first time that has
happened by these particular people, due to another family drama.
BUT, it will be the last.
What bothers me are the assumptions.
I did not automatically delete one of those people off my friends list, when they (in no uncertain terms) told my daughter (their granddaughter) that she was not welcome to come by during the holidays to visit.
And, since she did not live in town, and was about to move to MA, you'd have thought they'd want to see her and their great grandchildren. 
So thank you for presuming to assume how I feel and what I think.
We all know what assume means....
To paraphrase from one of my fav songs by CeeLo Green:
 FAWK YOU (to the adult that started it all,) and FAWK HER TOO to the one that ran with it.
I expect it out of the first one, but thought the other one was above such pettiness, but I should have known better.


Blue said...

FAWK THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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