Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Most of you know that my son is stationed in Okinawa with the USMC.  He is married to a very sweet Japanese lady, Mayumi, whom we are proud to claim as our daughter in law.  Mayumi is from Chiba, NE of Tokyo.  Her family lives there.  Mayumi's Mother, Nobuko Shirasawa is with them in Okinawa, awaiting the birth of their second child.  Their home is okay structurally, but everything inside that was breakable has been lost due to the earthquake.  Her Father, Masashi Shirasawa was at work when the earthquake struck and as of last night had not gone home yet.  Mayumi's older sister, Fumie lost everything as well, but hopefully, will be able to move back into her house.  Fumie Shirasawa has two children.  Here is the email that Chris sent to me:

 This is Chris, Mayumi and Masa.

"Mom I am trying to raise $2500.00 thats 202,500.00 yen to give Half to her mom and half to her sister. Her mom name is Nobuko Shirasawa and her Father name is Masashi Shirasawa. Her older sister's name is Fumie Shirasawa and her kids name are Ayaka and Daiki. Her parents home on the outside is ok but however, on the inside it is destroyed, all the kitchen dishes, TV, Furnishing, etc are broken and gone. Her older sister has been put out of her home, plus her stuff and the kids stuff was destroyed during the earthquake. I believe her older sister can move back in soon but I don't know when. So please help if you can I have cut into my savings to help out I am trying to put down 50,000 yen.  Any help that you can give will be much appreciated."

So I am forwarding his appeal for help to all my bloggers out there.
I know some of you are considering donating to the Red Cross, I would ask that instead you donate to the Shirasawa family.  Or split your donation between the two.  

Contact me at if you would be interested in donating.

Thanks in advance.


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