Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boston, been there done that! WARNING: Picture Overload!

So, my third trip and hubby's second trip to Boston was June 9th for 5 days. 
We fly out early, so have the whole day with Kristen and the family.
Last November when we went to Quincy Market, Cheers was closed for a private party, and my
husband did not get to experience the atmosphere.
This time, we went straight from the airport to Quincy Market and went to lunch, at Cheers.
 Poppy reuniting with his boy!
That was about it and enough for us, since we get up at 3 to get ready and leave for the airport that is 
 1 1/2 hours away!
 We were going to be staying with the kiddos since it was Joey and Kristen's date night. Here the boys and Rosie tried to beat Kenneth up. I think they pretty well succeeded!  

They kept jumping on his stomach and I think it was Rosie that really had the "ok, I've got enough of this"
jump.  He asked them not to jump on his stomach anymore, and they didn't wrestle for a while.  Later he and the boys were upstairs and started wrestling again.  Once he came down it was all like, "Yeah, Ninja jumped on my jewels, so I'm done."  LOL  Ninja told him, "But Papa Cajun, I didn't jump on your stomach, I jumped on your lap!"
Sunday we decided to go to York Beach, Maine and visit the Nubble Lighthouse.

 On the way there we went to Woodman's to eat lunch.
Part of the movie Grown Up's was filmed here, where the kids want to get "chocolate wasted".

Even though I did not have lobstah, it was hands down the best seafood meal I've had and they definitely DO NOT skimp on portions.
After the Nubble we went to York Beach, and then the touristy part of York Beach.

 Left to right are: Hulk, Ninja, Rosie and Carter
Kristen, rocking her Avengers tee.  Can you tell by this photo that she is the leader and tour guide?
I was amazed at the difference in temperature from last June, when I froze my butt off and it rained almost everyday, to this June when it was beautiful weather and if not careful I could get sunburned!
The other thing that really amazed me was that the water temperature was no different from Tybee Island, GA a week before!  I thought that it would be much colder.
Monday we went to Wilson Farm and man, would we do most of our grocery shopping there!
Monday night we went to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill at Patriot Place, a very nice shopping center right by NE Patriot's Gillette Stadium.

We had such fun here window shopping and walking around.  Let me just tell you that the American Solider Burger was really good.
Kristen and Joey's neighbor, Bill
made the mistake of asking us to bring him home some leftovers. He asked the wrong people (Me, and the kids) Cause he got everything that wasn't eaten on anyone's plate.  I think we grossed him out pretty good, which of course, was a job well done on our part.
Here's what we did the rest of the trip:
 Hulk chasing his Mama with the water hose, which was funny until...
 He spotted me!
 Carter and Rosie showing off their suspenders and tiara that was our gift to them. (Of course, they picked them out themselves.) The boys got Lego's (what else?).
Hulk getting Poppy with the watergun!  Don't worry, he got me too!
 Taking Carter to Rainforest Cafe for an early birthday dinner.  (I personally think Kenneth just likes the place and uses any excuse to go!)
AND, going to Ninja's pre-school graduation!
Of course, Kristen and I took off to parts unknown (Burlington Mall, or Paul Blart's Mall as I call it) and let Poppy spend quality time with the boys, while the girls were still at school.
Yep, they were still at school until this past Tuesday!
All this and I have come home with a great case of Red Eye!
Yep, worse than pink eye (which I've had in the past) Red Eye.  It started last Thursday morning in my left eye, moved to my right eye Monday night (after the initial eye drop antibiotics failed).  My left is finally feeling better, but the right is still driving me crazy!
That would be an excellent post about conjunctivitis and the different kinds, but frankly, I've had my fill of it! This has been awful.  Not to mention, it's cost me 3 days of work!
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


LynnMarie said...

Sounds like a great trip for you and hubby! I love light houses and the food at any beach is just the best. Something about food and salt air! Glad I stopped by and will be back.

Maria said...

you have such a sweet family! there's so much love shining through your photos. boston looks like so much fun...we are going to visit this summer.
i love all of your beach shots <3 what a nice trip!
thank you so much for your kind words on my blog!
have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! I'm following you from last Thursday Blog Hop.


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great pictures!
New follower from the Blog Hop
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